Maynard's of Tyler

156 North Tyler Street                                                              Store Hours

PO Box E                                                                    Mon - Sat           8 am - 8 pm
Tyler, MN  56178                                                         Sunday              9 am - 6 pm

507-247-3401                                                            AD Days  Wednesday - Sunday


Home of Aebleskiver Days.  We offer special made Medisterpolse & Liver paté.


We custom make and sell fruit baskets, fruit trays, veggie trays, meat and cheese trays.   


Beside Traditional Grocery store items, we have Propane tank exchange, Vacuum Center, Greeting Cards, and Gift Certificates among many other services and non traditional Grocery items.  Delivery service is available on Fridays.  Take advantage of our full case discount.



Hi, My name is Lori Hart, Manager of Maynard's - Tyler


Please feel contact me with any Questions, Comments or Requests at


Our staff and I are working hard to be your grocery store!

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